Media Training Testimonials

Dr Marcel Massoud – Hematology Oncology
Dr Anthony Saroufim – Hematology Oncology

Media Training Courses
Over the past 16 years, I have interviewed many experts in the health sector, in addition to spokespersons from various sectors, such as governmental institutions (Ministry of Public health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Environment), pharmaceutical company representatives, NGOs, and international organizations (WHO, Unicef, UNFPA). Through my experience, I have noticed that while each and every guest was an expert in his/her domain and really mastered the messages he/she wanted to convey through the interview, the majority lacked the skills needed to communicate their messages in a clear and effective way.

With time, I came to realize how difficult it is for many people to deal with the media. Some individuals are media naturals, while others are much more afraid of being misquoted in print, or of making mistakes and coming across poorly in a radio or television interview. These concerns can be overcome by acquiring the skills needed to interact effectively with the media, thus communicate more powerful and memorable messages through media interviews.

My expertise in the health sector, and my well-developed experience in specialized media, has given me a profound base to develop my own Media Training Courses. As a result, my training courses have become the solution for spokespersons looking to master the techniques of speaking effectively about health and science topics in the media.
Why is media training necessary?

The problem with being interviewed by the media without proper media training is the following:
  • You might look scared and uncomfortable.
  • You might feel nervous and awkward.
  • Your answers might be unfocused, or needlessly complex and unclear.
  • Your quotes and sound bites might end up becoming off topic.
  • In case of crisis, you might not be able to handle media properly; as a result, your reputation can be irrevocably harmed.
Who can benefit from my media training?

This training is designed to meet the needs of spokespersons from different sectors - mainly healthcare professionals, executives/CEOs, and various company spokespersons.

Thus, it will enable them to embrace media opportunities, as well as deal with challenges effectively - in good or bad times.

How is this media training different from other media training programs?
“Personalized Media Training for Health Care Professionals” is a Media/Presentation Skills Coaching Program tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals, thus preparing them to make the best out of their media exposure. This program is not like any other media training program, for it is developed and conducted by a Specialist in Public Health (Master’s Degree in Public Health and a Diploma in Health Communication, American University of Beirut) with more than 15 years of experience in producing and hosting a TV Health Show. Therefore, it is a program designed specifically for those who work in or with the health sector.

This program empowers healthcare professionals, spokespersons from different UN agencies, and executives/CEOs with the necessary, practical, and time tested skills that will increase their effectiveness as “Health Speakers.” Moreover, it will enable them to communicate more powerful and memorable health messages through media interviews or presentations.

The outcome of this media training
In this media training, you will learn the following four important skills needed for successful media exposure:
  • How to look comfortable, confident, and relaxed on camera so that you come across exactly how you would like to.
  • How to shape 3 simple, 30-second messages, no matter how complicated your subject matter is.
  • How to answer questions in a focused, strategic manner, in good or bad times.
  • How to create sound bites for each message and deliver them in an interview so you only get quoted with the words you planned on using in the first place.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Courseses

Why is Public Speaking & Presentation Skills training necessary?
Public speaking is fundamental to success in professional and public life. This training course helps speakers create simple, clear, and compelling presentations and deliver them effectively, whatever the situation.
Who can benefit from this training? The Public Speaking and Presentation Skills’ training is for executives/CEOs, and various companies’, UN agencies’, and governments’ spokespersons. However, the added value of this training is that it is the answer for the public speakers’ needs in the healthcare sector.

How is this Public Speaking Training different from other training programs?
This training is a “Personalized Public Speaking Program for Healthcare Professionals.” It is tailored to meet the specific needs of managers and high level spokespersons in the healthcare sector, governmental, private, and NGOs. Moreover, professionals in the healthcare sector, such as doctors, nurses, hospital managers, UN spokespersons, and pharmaceutical Company representatives, etc., can benefit a great deal from this training. This training is different from any other public speaking training because it not only prepares the speaker to create the ideal speech or presentation, but also empowers him or her with all the needed skills, tools, and tips to talk about health issues, present scientific data, and make the health topic interesting and clear to the audience.

Therefore, this program empowers healthcare professionals, executives/CEOs, and spokespersons from pharmaceutical companies, governmental and private healthcare sectors, and UN agencies with the necessary, practical and time tested skills that will increase their effectiveness as “Professional Public Speakers.” Thus, it will enable them to communicate more powerful, clear, and memorable health messages during press conferences, launching events, public seminars, and scientific congresses.

The outcome of this Public Speaking Training
By building confidence and skills, my training enables speakers to express their natural creativity and enthusiasm, yet deliver clear and effective messages.

By attending this course, you will learn to:
  • Find your unique presenting style
  • Express yourself with confidence and conviction
  • Prepare for your presentation physically and vocally
  • Structure creative and memorable presentations
  • Prepare attractive and effective slides
  • Handle difficult and hostile questions
You will also learn:
  • How to prepare your health messages
  • How to present and communicate those messages in a simple and clear manner, yet with your unique style
  • How to present your scientific data/tables and numbers in a clear way with attractive slides

You will be more able to:
  • Prepare under pressure
  • Improvise and think on your feet
  • Inspire and influence your audience

Master your online presence
Webcam video conferencing has become the standard of virtual communication in nearly all aspects of our life. In no time, and due to the pandemic, the world has shifted to online meetings and conferences.

The beauty of today’s technology is that it has made it possible to conduct effective meetings without having to be physically present in the same room with others. All you need is a video camera, using a computer or a smart phone.

As simple as it may sound, virtual meetings can present three main challenges that one needs to be prepared for: dealing with the camera, capturing the audience attention, engaging them, and maintaining their interest in what is being said.

How will you benefit from this training course?
In my new course, Be a Confident and Compelling Virtual Speaker, I teach successful people, like you, how to talk in front of the camera, so you look and sound professional, confident and natural. Not only that, but you will also learn strategies to make your video meeting/presentation interesting and capturing. Moreover, I will reveal the secret tips and tricks to engage your audience and interact with them, and to handle your chat box.

In brief, this course provides hands-on training to sharpen and polish your virtual and in-person communication skills, and will empower you with the needed skills to be the Confident and Compelling Virtual Speaker you deserve to be.

Who is this course for?
No matter what line of work you are in, be a Confident and Compelling Virtual Speaker Course is what successful professionals, like you, need, in All Business Sectors. Do you want to speak with confidence and style, convey effective messages, and make a lasting impact as a Virtual Speaker? Well, this course is

Other Courses

Health Reporting Training Course for Journalists
This involves training journalists on health reporting, gathering and verifying health information, critical thinking techniques, reporting socially sensitive health issues while avoiding stigma and discrimination, turning complicated scientific information into simplified informative and captivating journalistic material for the public. i.e.: I have conducted several training sessions for journalists from the region on how to approach critical and social sensitive health issues like AIDS, drug abuse, and reproductive health issues.

(N.B: The training can be on any health issue depending on the needs of the trainees).
  • Training group of Journalists in Amman- Jordan, April 2022, on "How to report Health crisis,emergencies, and pandemics"